Monday, September 14, 2015

Girls Trip pt 2 iphone round

I left Clara with Nana for the 4 days I was gone *tear* but never fear, she had all of her favorite things to keep her occupied. Namely...cats, horses, swimming pools, doting grandparents and the like. Basically, two year old heaven.

Meanwhile, there were no shortages of babies for me to cuddle and squeeze! Look at Levi's thighs!!! I can't even....

the epic pyramid. It can never go undocumented. 

it was fun to snuggle and bond with my sweet Winnie.

happy girls in our jammies

there are seriously at least one hundred of these equal parts embarrassing, disturbing and hilarious photos on my phone. Entitled "Moms Get Crazy and Turn into 18 Year Olds at 2 am" I think we all laughed until we cried. Some things never change.

looking forlorn at the absence of two of our respected members at the dinner table. Molly and Ellen- next time attendance is mandatory!


I think she liked the one on one mommy time :)

Such a fun trip!!

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