Monday, September 14, 2015

Girls Trip

This past week we took over my parent's beach house for a mini "BYU 7" girls reunion. It doesn't matter how much life or time has passed, it seems like it only takes a few seconds to pick up right where we left off. I'm so grateful for these girls in my life, I can't imagine the past (almost) 10 years without them! We can go from talking about nap schedules, religion, husbands and life dreams one second to reminiscing and rolling on the floor giggling like college freshmen the next. 
We stayed up way too late talking, squished each others babies, made really good food and were called "the baby brigade" by at least one person every time we went out. It was amazing. Love you girls!

^^ I had to post this one...I really wanted to re-create the butt pocket picture...^^

P.S. we missed you terribly Molly and Ellen!!

P.S.S. here are the links to our first reunion! here here here

P.S.S.S. a sincere thank you to mom and dad Veater for facilitating both of these!!

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  1. Looks dreamy! What a lovely bunch of ladies. So happy to see you guys all keep in touch so well :).


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