Monday, September 14, 2015

Shaver Lake

So, if you weren't already aware....California is burning. Praise the heavens (I literally stopped everything I was doing when I saw the first sprinkle and said a prayer of thanks with Clara) it rained a little today because Fresno was basically a bowl of smoke from all of these fires! It's crazy! Anyway, that's all to say that on Saturday we decided to check out Shaver and see if it was any less smokey than our was but only by a little...and have a little fun to boot! We posted up by the water, built sand castles, waded out as far as we could stand, proved once again that Watson's bum is more buoyant than the rest of his body and terrorized the local duck population with a curious two year old and a dog with a bark 82% bigger than his bite. We finished it off with my all time favorite crappy pizza (Shaver Lake Pizza, I crave it all the time) and packed it up and went home. I love my little family.

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  1. You and your family, so cute! And those girls with their squishy rolly legs. I die. Looks like a family outing that we like doing as well!


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