Tuesday, October 13, 2015

9 months

at 9 months Winnie...

scoots, but does not yet crawl!

is really into toys- especially board books and/or anything Clara is playing with ;)

loves food. Avocados, black beans and blueberries, especially. 

still loves nursing and is holding tight to a 5-6x a day schedule which I'm so happy about!

has started making the funniest scrunchy-nosed face where she sniffs really loud when she's excited about something (most often food- she first did it right after nursing) and it is THE CUTEST THING EVER. I know I say that a lot but....it really is. (see photos 12-14)

she also breathes in really slowly and loudly with kind of a squeak (?) when she's especially pleased. Seriously, this age is totally killing it.

is babbling a lot and can be heard to say dadda (her especial favorite), pappa, hi, momma and/or mom (usually only when she's upset or tired...it was the same with Clara???) and "babba" (her word for Clara and the only one we know she for sure correctly associates!).

still rolls her wrists in circles when she wants to be picked up.

is turning into a pretty independent player. I can set toys on the ground around her and as long as she's not hungry she'll sit and play for up to an hour happy as a clam!

gives really sweet, face-grabbing, sloppy kisses and has also taken to sucking on my lower lip while giving me a kiss which is hilarious and also mildly concerning. I have to be careful not to let her latch on!!! lol

has started to get some little flipped up curls in the back....so we'll see!

is a total flirt and lives for making eye contact with people. When she sees someone she really likes she'll smile really big and start flapping her arms up and down. 

puts herself to sleep but needs a good 5 minute snuggle before I put her down and after I get her out of her bed. (I'm thinking perhaps I just need this because I'm pretty sure I said the same thing about Clara....)

is above all the sweetest baby and we just love her so.

Winnie Mae, you are the smiliest, laughingest squishiest baby around and we all just want to eat you every day. We're so so happy that you're our girl.

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