Friday, October 09, 2015

fake insta Friday

Picking my battles in Costco. Yes, that is pink "lipstick" (hers) smeared all over her leg.

Hubert is enjoying the current wave of blooms coming through our yard. He would like to give a special thanks to the cooler fall weather for making this possible. I would too.

the time Clara came in wearing Winnie's vest as a hat.

she's way cooler than me.

Just a Winnie, playing with a straw.

Bitty Baby arrived home from the hospital this week and someone is really jazzed about it.

the sonnets I could write about sleeping babies.

bed-headed, rosy-cheeked babies.


I taught Clara how to take a selfie.....

she also took some more artistic photos.

so Clara brought this scarf to me and asked me to tie it on her head. #fashionista 

After the cream cheese is in the belly....what's the point of the bagel? Art installation at Uncle Harry's.

this one is titled: two sisters eating bagels. #Winnie'sface

i love her. 

the Fresno sunsets have been killin' it lately. 

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