Thursday, November 12, 2015

10 months old

^^she was a little too enthusiastic about the balloon to get a clear picture....but I tried^^

holy cow I don't even want to think about what's going to happen in TWO months. 10 months Winnie....

is a good little independent player just like her big sister.

has a love hate relationship with said big sister... she really really hates it when Clara tries to micromanage her play, but also really really loves watching her and getting hugs and kisses from her too. 

is such a big flirt, she makes friends wherever we go!

has graduated from the Solly to the Ergo and loves it! She'd stay on my back all day, which is the only way grocery shopping gets done these days.

has developed quite a soft spot for her daddy, she gets so excited whenever she sees him. She's started yelling "DADADADADA" really loud as soon as we pull into his office building to pick him up for lunch.

has eaten everything I've put in front of her but loves beans and rice, avocado, salmon, chicken and applesauce especially. She seems to be turning into an excellent eater thus far. 

is still not technically crawling but scoots around wherever she wants to go and even pulls herself up to a kneeling position.

says lots of words and has just started saying "Cara" (Clara) on occasion, but still mostly calls her "baba". She also says "pee a ba" (peek a boo) when you play said game with her which is just so cute. I think there are around 6 actual words in her regular repertoire but she's pretty much telling fairy stories all day.

loooooves music and will start "singing" along to the piano or the radio in the car. This mostly consists of longer than normal syllables which as you can tell produces many an oo and ahh from her parents. Nothing cheers her up like the sound of her daddy playing the piano.

always prefers playing with books or any toy Clara is especially attached to ;)

still naps twice a day but I usually wake her up after an hour or an hour and a half of her morning nap to do whatever we need to do for the day #secondchildproblems. This would've been an egregious sin with Clara but Winnie usually takes a two and a half to three hour afternoon nap so I'm not too fussed about it.

is really the sweetest natured little thing and only seems to fuss when she's hungry or you've taken something away from her....she's such a pleasure to have around and we're so happy she's ours. 

we love you Winnie Mae!!

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