Friday, November 06, 2015

3 years old

my first born is three years old today! I can't believe it!!

at 3 years old Clara...

-is a kick in the pants. I honestly get overwhelmed trying to document all the funny things she's a constant stream all day long.
A sampling from a couple weeks ago:

speaking to her dangling toes: "how ya doin' down there?"
speaking to me: "they're doin' okay."

to me: "wook at all the cars!!!"
to me, in a serious voice with an eyebrow raised: "cars are weally nice to me."

Runs to me with strawberry cream cheese on her fingers "I'm the cweam cheese girl!!"

as we sit down to watch Brave together-- Clara: "Is she gonna find the scary bear?" Me: "yes" Clara: "I wuv scary movies."

Clara walks in while I'm nursing, pets Winnie's head and says "oh sweet child."

Me: "Clara do you know that I love you?"
Clara: "You do."
Me: "You're the best."
Clara: "I am."

Me: "you love jelly beans! YOU'RE a jelly bean!"
Clara: "I'm not a jewwy bean, I'm a girl! I'm Cwara!!!"

Steve turns the light off in the car -- Clara: "if you turn dat off again imma put you in time out."

-loves shopping. The other day I took her into baby Gap and the first thing she did was grab a baby outfit and say "Mommy wook at dis! We need it for Winnie! It's so cute and comfery (comfy)!"
I'm in trouble.

-is a problem solver. The other night I was nursing Winnie when Steve came home and seeing as she loves to greet her daddy when he pulls up, decided to pull over the dining chair and unlock the deadbolts to get to him....I was sufficiently terrified to find out this happened (don't worry Steve always pulls in really slow for this exact reason), but also kind of impressed...

-can be so stubborn. Like so so so so soooo stubborn. I'm grateful for this....but just pray I can get a handle on her before the teenage years kick in.

-is starting to protest her nap but still needs it desperately, so I usually give her the option between "quiet time" and a nap. When she chooses quiet time she usually passes out on the floor anyway.

-is still proficient at haggling with her parents. Her standard retort when I offer her anything good is: "No, just two ones."

-still loves reading books and can often be found thumbing through her favorites in her room or setting up a "show" (a book opened up to a page set up on a makeshift tower) for her stuffed animals.

-is so obsessed with Watson and is actually starting to play well with him, or I should say he's starting to tolerate/acknowledge her. #warmfuzzies

-loves going to the "moviecan pheatre". Every time she sees it she literally starts squealing. Also she used to just call it the "movie pheatre" so I don't know where the "can" came from but it's pretty hilarious!

-loves singing. She knows all the princess songs and quite a few Primary songs. Baby singing voices are the best. Sometimes she'll ask me to sing with her in the car and it always melts my heart!

-has quite the imagination and often tells me she's "going on an adventure!" to find tinkerbell in the backyard or to kill a spider or something along those lines. The other day she stood on two rulers on our hardwood floor and told me she was going skating, don't ask me where she comes up with this stuff.

-is really the best big sister, it seems like I'm telling her that several times a day! She's pretty good about sharing and helping Winnie feel better if she's "sad". She's such a sweet little mommy!

"I was two and now I'm fwee!!"

Clara honey, you are such a strong smart wonderful little girl and you fill our lives with so much laughter and fun! I can't imagine life before you were ours. Happiest of Birthdays to our little Boston Bean!

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