Friday, November 13, 2015

Fake insta Friday

Clara showing me she made a "temple" out of her gum! lol

This face!!! Also, I love that Clara is trying to make a crown for her here. 

new haircuts!!

Clara helped herself to my lipstick on her birthday...too cute to be upset about it.

satisfied customer.

flea market haul with some of my ladiezzz

Winnie just kickin' back before I had to wake her up for church.

the cutest little elf


I shredded up some apple for her but all she was interested in was the big one. This is her trying to figure out how she could possibly ingest such a large object. She completely freaked when I took it away!  

Clara somehow found Steve's ipad and was watching a trailer for Monster's Inc. when I came out from nursing Winnie. How she got the ipad and got to the trailer I have no idea, but she looked really cute and grown up doing it.

those sweet curls in the back!

baby Jess! I usually don't see any of me in Clara but I see an inkling here!

Clara being silly in her Seahawks shirt from Grandma and Grandpa!

Clara's leftover birthday flowers looking pretty on my entry table.

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