Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Fake Insta Tuesday!

I'm way behind on my fake instas and Clara's birthday is on Friday so....Fake insta Tuesday!

just me and my girls.

Winnie getting some loves from her sweet friend Lucy!

late afternoon crash on the couch....we're trying to re-figure out naps for this almost 3 year old.

practicing my finger waves

Clara wanted to sit by herself at the bagel shop the other day.

a garden rose

again with the naps...

my fall feast flowers still looking good after a week and a half!

Clara's been asking me to "snuggle" with her lately and I have a really hard time refusing...

the fruits of Steve's pruning on Saturday.

my little gnome nursing in the car during a rainstorm....that is definitely milk on her chin.

breaking into the Halloween candy

Clara is really into getting into Winnie's bed when she wakes up- it's darling.

afternoon light coming in and two pots of broth simmering on the stove.

putting my girl to bed

a card I made for my sister in law!

a screenshot I took the other day....my style icons all seem to be over 60.

bedtime lullabies.

morning snuggs.

and sister hugs.

I'm obsessed with this little sidekick.


  1. wait what?! you are back on IG?!?!? how did i miss this. seriously girl. how are your babies so grown up. ahhh!! i need to catch up on your blog here. xoxoxo

    1. Nicole! Hi!! I'm actually not back on IG... I just post my cell phone photos on my blog and call it "fake Instagram"!! Sorry!!!


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