Monday, November 09, 2015

Fresnans in search of Fall color

There is a sad story in our family...that of the red flyer wagon. You see, Clara received one as a gift from her grandparents Marcum on her very first birthday. We fell hard for that wagon, it toted Clara all over our Massachusetts streets. Bundled up and giddy we'd explore the fall color, Steve and I held mitten hands and Clara sucked her binky contented in the back. I had nothing but fond feelings for that sweet little contraption. And then the fateful January morning of our move out west came and the pods that were measured to fit our whole life plus some arrived unsettlingly small. The reckoning arrived that evening when not only our table and chairs and toddler table were left behind....but cute little miss red flyer wagon as well. *moment of silence* The sleet was falling in sheets outside. Luckily she found a good, happy home with our friends the Roses but my heart was sad for it. Then came my second ruthless pregnancy and two long hot Fresno summers and thoughts of a replacement faded away....then low and behold- what does Clara receive from Nana and Papa for her 3rd birthday?? A shiny new red flyer wagon!! We wasted no time in christening her on a Sunday walk searching for fall color, sometimes it's hard to find in Fresno but about the time November rolls around you can catch little glimpses, so we savored these and each other and the fact that pulling Clara as a 3 yr old + her baby sister up a hill is a little harder on the biceps than pulling a 1 yr old Clara up a hill- no matter how squishy a baby she was. Isn't life fun? Thanks to both Grandma's for these happy red wagon memories!

^^The moment when I turn around to find Clara kicking back making herself comfortable...^^

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