Monday, November 09, 2015

On Clara's 3rd Birthday

about three years to the hour after I headed to the hospital on a dark Boston freeway (sure they would turn me away saying I had indigestion and not labor pains) Steve and I stealthily deposited 73 home blown, multi colored balloons into our perfect three year olds dark quiet bedroom. She ran into my room at 8 am the next morning with a huge smile on her face and drug my sleepy bum down the hall to see the spectacle. "Momma! Derrs balloons in MY ROOM!!" Tired lungs, totally worth it.
We started the day right with homemade buttermilk pancakes. Sprinkles on top to be festive of course. She calls them "sparkles". There was intermittent wearing of the Marcum "birthday girl" crown, a trip to the "moviecan pheatre" to see the Peanut movie with daddy and a sparkly unicorn birthday party fit for a three year old. 
I think the day was a good one despite her apparent aversion to being sung the birthday song (actually, she liked videos of it but not on facetime or in person?) or large groups of people staring at her. She was totally on board with presents and cupcakes and sprinkles so I think that just about tipped the day in our favor. We love you Clara Rose, Happy Birthday!!!!

this picture is so perfect and hilarious to me!

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  1. That smiley picture of Clara with her birthday pancakes is killing me! This is the best age. I love your blog, because I feel like I know your sweet girls and I've never even met them! Happiest of birthdays to your first born!


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