Monday, November 02, 2015

Trunk or Treat

aka pre-Halloween. aka Halloween practice run. Clara was very displeased in the fact that upon arriving at the trunk or treat we had to wait over an hour before the trunks actually opened for the trick or treaters... She was utterly uninterested in the hot dogs provided for dinner with candy on her horizon....I can't decide if I love Halloween or absolutely hate it. We have a candy monster on our hands. #detoxweek. As soon as the trunks opened for business we had a blast and Clara got very good at her "trick or treat" and "thank you" routine. It was all very cute. She was dragging our arms all over that place. It somehow didn't occur to me to put Winnie in a stroller....the best part is after an aching arm the first night I didn't bring an actual stroller on Halloween either! Anyway- hooray for candy and really cute babies dressed up as animals! Clara is a kitty cat and Winnie is an owl if that wasn't as obvious as I considered it to be. 
P.S. I made the owl costume! I'm pretty proud of myself...not going to lie.
P.S.S Steve and I went as a modified version of Holly Golightly and Paul in the animal masks see here but I don't think anybody got it...I have a knack for choosing these kinds of costumes I think...

^^thanks Caroline for this cute photo!!^^

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  1. That first picture. I'm dying.



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