Sunday, December 13, 2015

11 months

at 11 months Winnie...

(as evidenced by these photos) is a crawler!! She started crawling the Sunday after I posted her last update- so almost a month- with the help of a whole apple which continues to be the most alluring of fruits, according to her. It's hilarious to watch her try to eat it.

on that vein she just cut her first tooth a couple days ago (bottom, middle-right) and the one right next to it will be coming in any time now! 

is very sweet but has a sassy streak that seems to be coming out more and more. She has a strong will and has discovered the effectiveness of a good screech and/or cry when she doesn't get her way. Steve and I are still trying to remember that she's not exactly the innocent angel she once was and act accordingly. I always have a rough time moving into the discipline phase of parenting!!

is a stellar eater! This girl can put it down. Despite her lack of teeth I think meat is her favorite thing! She hasn't developed an aversion to vegetables yet either, which is great! She'll pretty much eat anything I put in front of her.

also continues to nurse well every few hours! I'm thrilled, it looks like we'll totally make it the whole year nursing.

still takes two naps a day and sleeps anywhere from 10-12 hours at night, depending. She also sleeps really well in her pack n play, which was a pleasant surprise because Clara never did!

is starting to get lots of little curls in the back of her hair like her sister! 

loves dolls and stuffed animals and pretty much anything Clara likes to play with :)

loves music and starts dancing when Steve plays the piano or I turn on music in the house. It's super cute.

loves to "talk" to other babies her age...especially at church or in the grocery store. It's hilarious. 

has kept up her repertoire of words which include: Dada, Momma, Mom, Cara (for Clara, but only rarely), Nana, Papa, Book (brooke-my sister), hi, and buh buh (buh bye), pee boo (for peek a boo) and ball. She also waves hi and buh bye which is darling.

gives the sweetest hugs and kisses...but only when she wants to. You can't force this girl.

loves any and all animals and freaks out every time she sees one.

hasn't gone through too much of an attachment phase but if she's hungry she doesn't want me out of her line of sight! Makes sense. Don't take away the food source!

is so flirty and loves men, especially men with beards? She's fascinated.

is overall the sweetest little bug, we love and mug on her all day long! I can't believe she's been here almost a year! Happy 11 months little muffin!

and one more because this SOOO typifies their relationship... I'm starting to develop more and more of a sympathy for my little much love!


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