Monday, December 07, 2015


Hi!! Last week I turned 27...and I'm officially at the age and/or time in life when I had to sit down and seriously think about how old I was. I'll neither confirm or deny that I had to do the math to make sure... it has been such great year! There were some growing pains and challenges but overall I think I learned a lot and came out a better person for it. I think I can confidently say I've learned to judge less and forgive more. I'm a more patient mom and a more loving wife. 26 was good to me. 
In other news, I just went around and counted and I think I read 40+ books since my last birthday. Which is something. I'm sure I gave my kids at least 7,000 kisses considering my preferred currency from Clara (for gifts of treats or favors) come in 10 kiss increments. and also newborn smell. We can't forget the newborn smell. Oh yes! I birthed a human and completed the most ridiculous half marathon. What a year!
The day was wonderful and I felt very very loved! Steve got me a delicious assortment of croissants for breakfast (there's nothing better)and Caroline took me out for sushi and cupcakes with girlfriends. I came home to present-unwrapping and watched Meet Me in St Louis with a roaring fire and a twinkling Christmas tree. I was very content indeed. Steve and I went out on Saturday to a new to us Peruvian restaurant and saw Brooklyn (I've got to get my chick flicks in when I can!). I couldn't have asked for better celebrating or better friends and family. 26, you were good.

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