Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Bainbridge Island Christmas

This year brought a glorious two week vacation with our Marcum family on Bainbridge Island and it couldn't have been better! It was freezing, we even got some snow. Steve did the polar dip, we saw Star Wars (I dressed up as Leia and gave Steve an Anakin braid), Watson had the time of his little furry life being doted on and wrestling with Max. There was lots of good food, and games every night, as always. Clara pretty much only left her Grandma's side to be fawned over by her aunts. Winnie, of course hardly ever had to touch the ground. It was perfect. Thanks Gena and Kevin for hosting our crazy clan!!

^^Mine and Steve's gingerbread houses. I'll let you guess whose was whose^^

^^Winnie was not too sure how she felt about the cold...^^

^^Kenz let me do finger waves in her hair^^

^^preparing the boeuf bourguignon^^


  1. Um I love this whole post. Have I mentioned that I LOVE your short curly hair? It's amazing.

  2. Beautiful! Where dd you get Winnie's adorable elf hat?


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