Thursday, December 17, 2015

fake insta Thursday

saddle up these have been building up for almost a month!!!

some backyard fall foilage

sister love

my three year old teenager

my sister titled this... "Harry Potter hits puberty" love you Dad! Can I borrow those glasses?? They're kind of amazing.

Winnie and Rory!!

the new buffet I scored.

Clara requested this photo.

just me and Winners

taking Blackie for a spin.

fall on the ranch

the back of yo head is ridiculous. Does anyone else do this to make sure nothing's too crazy?

practicing on the typewriter Steve got me for my birthday! I'm obsessed!!!

The drawing my sil Kenz made me for my birthday. We are both Jane Austen enthusiasts.

so Clara has been crawling in bed with me in the mornings between 7 and 8.....but then she sleeps until 9 or 10 so I've been debating if I should let her keep doing it or not....Steve snapped this on his way out to work a couple weeks ago.

a new holiday favorite for the Marcum family. They're ridiculous.

I'm so obsessed with this girl

enjoying some delicous hot chocolate!

just chillin'

Ellen and Eve came to visit!!!

sweet little Eve! We loved getting to meet her!

Mommy+Baby selfie!

Watson doing his part in the Christmas cheer department

some of my ladies who came out to cupcakes with me for my birthday!

the most distractible milk drinker. 

some more sister love

Meet Me in St Louis for my birthday

present opening!

our new rug for our room on it's way right now!!! I'm pumped! I've been hunting for over a year!

Clara just being fabulous 

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  1. Keep the posts coming! I live to look at your blog. Insert heart eyes.


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