Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Lady Rose

Well, I think I say this every year but....we've found my favorite tree yet! She's kind of shabby and only slightly crooked and I wouldn't have her any other way. I've decided to name her "Lady Rose"  since this year I was loosely inspired by this tree (yes, we have TINSEL), I've been thinking about it all year! Clara loved the Christmas tree lot, she wove in and out of the trees yelling "I'm going on a ADVENTURE!" and insisted on carrying her unicorn castle as a purse. Winnie was freezing but loved hanging out in Daddy's jacket papoose style. Steve and I stayed up way past our bedtime trimming the tree and putting up our garlands and dressing up our house to the nines. We had our annual sleep over under the Christmas tree and I'm telling you the magic of falling asleep by the fire, watching the tree lights glow as you drift off to sleep DOES NOT diminish no matter how old you are. We thought about letting Clara in on the tradition this year but opted for sleep instead :) I think 4 will have to be the year of the sleep over for her! Anyway, Merry Christmas! It's truly the best time of the year!

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