Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1 year ago at this exact moment I was doing this.

I thought I would be prepared for it this time around but here I have a one year old again and she still feels like my baby. And I'm surprised. Then again, I look at these photos of that delicious newborn on my chest and wonder how she got so big? Bring on the fever, if they're all like Winnie I think I'll have 10 more. As I sat in my rocking chair and nursed her this morning I tried to take in her round cheeks, her sweet little curls, that buttery baby skin. The signs that tell me she's still my baby and not quite the toddler yet. This first year has been a dream and a whirlwind. I expect with every subsequent child the years go by faster and faster, but it's been a happy whirlwind. I'm so grateful for the sweet spicy little spirit God sent us a year ago today. Happy first birthday sweet Winnie Mae.

birth story here 

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