Tuesday, January 12, 2016

1 YEAR!!!

1 YEAR!!!

at 1 year old Winnie....

makes friends with everyone. Especially men with beards, it would seem. I'm not sure if this should be concerning or purely comical. She thinks they are fascinating. 

is in total discovery mode and I've taken to calling her "destructo-baby". You should see the messes she can make in under 3 minutes.

is still so sweet and loves to give cuddly hugs and kisses....to those she deems worthy. Usually just mom, but if you prove your worth she can sometimes be obliging. 

is a great eater and often times eats more than her big sis! She currently loves; chicken the most, followed by oatmeal and beans and rice. She's a reluctant vegetable eater, but she does eat them.... as long as I'm not watching. I have no idea why. If I watch, she throws them off her tray...what?

is a tiny little peanut but knows how to take care of herself. She's scrappy. She gives the stiff arm to her sister like nobody's business.

loves baths with Clara. They are her new favorite thing. As soon as she hears the bath running she gets so excited, starts circling her wrists and tries to dive out of my arms into the tub. She always gives Clara a big hug and kiss when they're in there which pretty much melts me every time (in most cases, other than these, unsolicited affection usually comes from Clara).

loves any and all animals.

is a great sleeper and still sleeps about 12 hours and takes 2, 2 hr. naps during the day.

can pull herself up to her knees and her feet but as yet shows no interest in walking.

laughs every time she sees herself in the mirror.

gives the cutest scrunchy nosed smile when she laughs or tastes something to her liking.

is becoming more and more attached to nursing... weaning might be a little harder than I thought.

claps when you say "yay", waves and says "hi" and "buh by", loves playing peek-a-boo "pee a boo" and is in general the cutest little muffin we've ever laid eyes on. We love you Winnie! Happy Birthday little Mae belle!

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