Thursday, January 21, 2016

7 Days of Mommy Style

I love doing these! It keeps me accountable (I'm a big believer in making an effort even if the oldest human you see all day is 3...)  and it's a good, easy documenter of my personal style!

socks with clogs and a fro!

cowgirl style! I gathered at the ranch on Saturday.

Sunday best.

Mommy daughter date style! I almost forgot to take a photo this day... so forgive the terrible lighting. 

rainy day style

adventures in color blocking.

I thought it was going to be warm enough to wear flats wasn't! I had a hankering to wear these pants though and nothing but flats would do....the important things, am i right?? lol


  1. "Adventures in color blocking" is my favorite❤️

  2. Each day is stunning in its own way! How do you pull them all off?! Cowgirl is my fav!


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