Friday, January 22, 2016

Fake Insta Friday

Taking the girls to read Valentine's books at Barnes and Noble ^^ Love Monster was our favorite

Winnie was mostly interested in doing this... DESTRUCTO-BABY

We got a cat. Her name is Neapolitan, "Neo" for short. She has luxuriously fluffy fur, she lets Clara pack her around the house all day, she doesn't take any nonsense from Watson and thinks that every soft surface in the house should belong to her. I'm 99.9% positive there was a time in my life where I swore I would never own a cat we are. I'm a sucker and I don't care who knows it. Clara has been begging me to adopt my parents barn cat for months and last weekend I finally gave in! We kind of love her.


Lynnsey's birthday!!

Her grumpy face

the coveted goggles. A favorite play item in the Marcum house.

I spy with my little eye, a ghost, hiding from her daddy.

I'm pretty good at taking down my Christmas decor on time...I'm not as good at taking my cards down. They're just too pretty!

Our living room has been pretty dang cozy. I'm kind of obsessed!

Gathering on Saturday.

Clara being fabulous.

walking to SUNBEAMS together.

getting ready for bed.

Neo asserted her dominance in the household pretty handily. Watson has been put in his place, notice the body language here.

nightly ritual. Honey lemon tea.

When it rains our backyard is pretty much one giant puddle and it thrills Clara to no end. She spent a solid hour and half outside "exploring" (her words) in the rain the other day.

and then she wanted to come in and warm up by the fire. I did not ask her to make this face! She loves it!

^^see what I mean about the goggles?^^ Here we have Eleanor rocking them. like a boss.

she is the golden kitty. Clara is obsessed.

getting ready for bed in jammies that are still a tad too big.

I just couldn't resist that face.

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