Monday, January 11, 2016

Fake Insta Monday

Bear with me, this is a behemoth kind of photo dump but...I'm having a Monday slump and I need to document the rest of the Christmas photos before life can really move on, I've decided. So here we are. They are not in chronological order, they were not all taken by me but here they are! Happy Monday! 

Christmas gift outfit. I love these.

Clara's sweet set up in the car for our Seattle road trip

my dapper Grandpa. Photo courtesy of Zane.

snuggling with aunt Kenz.

exploring the Christmas tree.

Steve's stocking stuffer for me...he knows me so well.

these are velvet bell're welcome.

having fun with Kenzie's hair

the next 6 photos, including this ^ are courtesy of Claire!!

the prettiest hot chocolate I've ever had.

attempted Sunday family selfie

my sunbeam! Who is starting to refuse to take a normal photo....

Clara's sweet photography skills

fun in mommy's bed!

the next 12 including ^ are from Kenz!

the girls sure loved spending time with their aunts

Star Wars nerds unite!

she literally fell asleep in Kenzie's arms here. I don't think she's done that since she was six months old!!! Want to come and stay with us Kenz???

close up

cuddles for mom.

checking out the New Years spread

Cware and Cwara.

bundled up baby

just playing in her new SHARED ROOM.

that time I broke my camera :((((((

Winnie sleeping like an angel in her pack n play

Winnie's first taste of ice cream! It was banana flavor at Marianne's in Aptos.

she was very fond of the cone.

these last ones were stolen from Steve's phone. ^^ it's their thing to take selfies together when he puts her to bed and I'm obsessed with this one.

just snuggling.

Winnie all proud of herself for finding the coveted phone toy.

another bed time selfie!


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