Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Fake insta Tuesday

I know it's only Tuesday but you've got to strike while the blogging iron's hot, as they say. Or rather, while your kids are napping and you don't have anything else TOO pressing to get done.

you guys, my bed is super comfy. I love it SO much. It's hard to express my feelings adequately. It's the perfect bed.

Fun fact: Neo loves TV.

PS This is our new favorite show Tumble Leaf! It's so cute!
PSS Don't mind the laundry I was folding on the coffee table...

I think our next family photo is going to be full matching tweed.

pretty kitty

the selfie side of my phone camera is soooo blurry from sticky finger prints. I kind of love it.

Neo falling asleep by me while I read.

Winnie is teething and she's been super clingy. I kind of don't mind. 

Also, look at her curls!

I don't know why I thought this truck was so pretty. Something about the gold painted lettering. Why don't all trucks have gold painted lettering?

checking out her backpack in the mirror

she is looking so old lately! It kills me.

making mischief in my closet. Little stinkers.

I gave Neo her first bath.

she was not pleased, also, she looked kind of like a drowned rat. Poor dear.

I would like to officially thank Fresno for the best pizza I've had since we lived in provo (pizzeria 712) and yes I'm including you Boston and NYC.

^^We will be back for you Annex Kitchen!!!^^

I am currently coveting this chair.

the first cool braid-do I've been able to pull off in a while! #shorthairproblems

exploring in the back yard. 

There is something so energizing for me about a California winter. The air is cool and crisp, the flora is subdued and yet still vibrant green. It's jean jacket weather (as my dad would call it) at its finest most days. We're loving it.

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