Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sister Love

I feel like my heart has been fit to burst the past month and I needed to organize and record my thoughts. The bond between these two sisters has far and away exceeded my expectations, not just in the bond itself but in how quickly it came as well. They laugh and play together. They kiss and hug each other without prompting. If I'm holding Winnie, Clara will often say "Mommy, put Winnie down so we can play!". When Clara comes with me to get Winnie out of her crib after a nap Winnie lights up at the sight of her. 
I have to just brag a little about my firstborn here as well. Clara is incredibly patient and kind with Winnie. If Winnie is upset about something Clara will often run and find a binkie/toy/blanket to give to her to calm her down or make her happy. She scolds me if I tell Winnie "no" and make her cry! ha! Nine times out of ten she shares any special treat she gets with Winnie, even if I didn't necessarily want her to....but how can I get upset at that? She's always looking out for her and you'll never see her so upset as when another child takes a toy away from Winnie. She's her fierce protecter and loyal friend and I couldn't be more proud of her.
I suppose this is old news to any of you veteran parents out there but seeing this sibling relationship unfold has been one of the most surprising and fulfilling parts of motherhood for me. I love it, and I'm just so grateful for these special spirits God has blessed us with in our home.


  1. It isn't something that comes for all siblings, so enjoy their special bond all the more because it is a blessing!! They are adorable.


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