Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Anniversary-ish trip

Well, we took a long weekend for an anniversary-ish trip! The "ish" is because it is not actually our anniversary. We got married at a very inconvenient time of year (right before Christmas), apparently you don't think about things like the future convenience of your anniversary date when you're young and in love (and also in a hurry to get married before the new semester starts ;) .  Anyway, the last two years we've either celebrated before or after the actual day and although we've since decided to ditch that plan and go with a trip any time of year and just do the dinner date for the anniversary .... this was still technically an anniversary trip so it will retain the label. 
It was a fabulous trip, I was really starting to wear thin around the edges and this was just what I needed. A little time alone with the love of my life add a dash of sunshine and sea breeze and I was a new woman. The loudest of shout outs go to my parents who took on my babies for FOUR WHOLE days even though the day before we were supposed to leave Winnie came down with bronchitis and Clara got an ear infection. What?! I'm so sick of flu season. When my mom told me not to worry, there would be more arms to hold them anyway at her house plus they would already be on antibiotics my eyes literally filled with tears. I needed a break. but here we are! Onward and upward! To the photos! I didn't break it up so you'll have to bear with the photo dump if you dare....

^^Here I am on our first day. Happy to be with my love, without two perfect children competing for my right hip. The smile also accounts for a belly full of ham+cheese croissant and a diet coke in my hand. obviously.

Saturday: First came breakfast at Gayle's then sunbathing, shopping in Los Gatos and finally desserts and the ballet in San Francisco. The day couldn't have been more perfect and THE BALLET. It had been way too long since I'd been (probably since college...hangs head in shame) and I enjoyed it immensely. Sofiane Sylve was so graceful it made me want to cry. 

Sunday: I slept until an unseemly hour then we went to church and moseyed over to Capitola for a shrimp burrito. After we got our fill of watching the surfers we headed home for THE OSCARS. We've never done cable so watching them real time felt like such a treat! I made homemade popcorn and we ate our Marianne's ice cream and left over macarons and went BIZERK when Leo won his oscar. finally! Can I get an amen??

Monday: We woke up and did breakfast at Gayle's again because I have no self control....then we headed down to Carmel-by-the-Sea. We got our annual couples massage, shopped, picked up a particularly handsome wax seal, found two suckers to bring home for our girls, had my favorite parmesan pretzel of all time and caught another showing of Hail, Ceasar!. Our second time seeing it, I love it so much. We ended the night, and really the weekend, with sushi at Crystal Fish at the recommendation of Aaron and Caroline. It did not disappoint. 

time with Steve is extra special and looked forward to since the two cutest distractions entered our lives and I'm so glad we got to carve out this time to be together. Happy six years boo!


  1. YAY! So happy you two to get away. Your vacation looked dreamy and that food!!!! Miss you, we need to get together.

    P.S. You always look so classy!

  2. So much fun!
    P.s.: I think I have said it already but I am going to say it again anyway I. LOVE. YOUR. STYLE!!!!

  3. Congrats on 6+ years! My hubby and I just went to Carmel-by-the-Sea for the first time just after Christmas, it's just about one of my new favorite places ever! So dreamy.


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