Friday, March 04, 2016

Fake Insta Friday

Clara picked Winnie up, put her in this basket and proceeded to pile pillows on top of her. I caught her before she could bury her outright (Not before snapping a photo. obviously) to her complaints of "noo mommy, she needs to be comfery!!!"

exposition and photo both credited to Clara.

braided crown

Clara with our friends bunny "Wucy", we're all obsessed. (Thanks Lindee for the photo!)

THIS. gah!

making dinner selfie

the cutest little partners in crime

Costco models

work it girls.

this girl lives to swing

that smile!

cute babies!

a selfie of a SELFIE. mind blown.


Neo's current favorite pastime is using her floppy-cuddly-fluffiness to convert dog-lovers to the dark side. Hell on....paws? I'm so cheesy.

with Brookie for her Senior night.

hey! Two girls in a basket.

opening their Valentine's package from Grandma and Grandpa Marcum

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Your blog is on my feed! I think I use to follow your Instagram a year or two ago. So funny that I recognized your daughter! I love her hair! We should totally have play dates or zoo dates!
    Andrea Snow


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