Friday, March 11, 2016

Fake Insta Friday

Clara being a perfect little lady at the hotel she stayed in with my parents in SF. (photo courtesy of nana)

the card making has not ceased.

my little kitchen helper

a close up of Becca's pretty hair!

feeding the horses

waterfall exploring with Papa.

Clara: "would you look at that!"

Sunday best

my butterfly painting in it's early stages

she has my heart

this outfit totally says "MOM" to me and I love it.

I'm all about the blush pink

going "explowing wif my pack pack"

I'm obsessed with this photo of my niece!

warm enough for short sleeves! We have a fire going today though so....spring weather.

my two sick babes right before we left on our trip :(

Clara and her sweet friend Alivia! (Thanks for the photo Lynnsey!)

excited to watch the Oscars

my favorite dresses:

reunited with my girls and it feels so good! It was definitely the best reunion I've ever had! They were so sweet and cuddly.

Clara showing some love to London. She's got such cute little friends!

watering the garden together

This girl had a hard time weaning but I FINALLY got her to take whole milk which was a relief. Love her.

at the tippy top of my wish list. It smells amazing!



  1. Love this! I love your mom outfit! I would wear that!! Also I love horses. They are so beautiful. I haven't rode one in 10 years. I watch the Academy Awards every since year. Love those dresses too! Let's be friends. Hehe

  2. aaabsolutely gorgeous paintings, lady!!! those butterflies are going to be killer!


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