Monday, April 18, 2016

a family update

I thought it was time for a little family update.... youngest to oldest, here we go.


Has four teeth and uses them well, biting and chewing in equal parts. The biting saved strictly for her sister, it would seem. Loves waving and saying "hi" and "buh bye" to anyone who happens to catch her eye. Is my cuddle bug and always has a good 5-10 minute cuddle for me after a nap. Gives big open mouthed her favorites....when she feels like it. Consistently eats roughly double the amount her sister eats at any given meal. Does not like hearing the word "no".


Is a stinker, but also the weirdest and best cat ever. Loves opening any and all doors you put in front of her. This is especially annoying when she wishes to get in the girl's room...and wakes Winnie up from her nap. Loves fitting in small spaces and chasing Watson around the living room (yes, you read that correctly). Whines constantly if her food dish is not full at all times. Has a never ending need for affection. Is not at all phased by Clara and Winnie's often rough and smothering devotion, in fact, she's usually seeking it out.


Her worst fear is that I will put the cous cous in the salad. Insists on sleeping with "little baby piglet" every night. Has a prolific sweet tooth (she's partial to sour patch kids at the moment) and is really quite good at sharing any and all coveted treats with her little sister. Loves the park, playing with "fwends", bubbles, tea parties and washing her hands especially. Gives me an unsolicited "I love you Mom" followed by a hug and/or kiss 3 times a day on average. Has pretty much given up her nap in favor of "quiet time" in the afternoon, but is known to fall asleep in the car between errands on a regular basis.


Is living up to his full corgi potential in the weight department ie: he's putting on the pounds. Has started to really bond with Clara and enjoys afternoons following her around the backyard with lots of "pats" and tickles. Is surprisingly fond of Neo. Loves mom and dad and the occasional snuggle on the couch. Loves to run around the living room at full speed when he comes in at night. Is not as agile as he once was and runs into the wall before he can turn the corner most times. Loves "cleaning up" after the girls eat dinner. Refuses any fruit or vegetable but enjoys meat (obviously), bread and cheese, especially. Will do anything for a milk bone.

Jess: (Clara took my photo, you should be impressed)

Is busy running around after her two cute curly headed offspring. Enjoys a large diet coke with lime from Sonic every week on the way to Trader Joe's. Consequently, is getting really good at navigating two children while grocery shopping (there are bribes involved). During nap time she can be found either reading, painting, eating a treat or running around the house like a crazy woman trying to clean up after the tornado that hit that morning. All options equally probable. Is quite fond of British television, ham and cheese croissants and smacking Steve's bum when she drops him off at his office after lunch.


Enjoys getting lunch with his girls, sipping large amounts of mtn. dew slowly throughout the day, getting a bagel at Uncle Harry's every morning before work and letting Clara back his car into the garage when he gets home. Is fighting a losing battle with the lawn but has conquered the rest of the yard admirably. Has taken to reading novels before bed on occasion. Takes semi-regular excursions to "the moon" with his daughters (make-believe involved). Dreams of a decked out man cave in the garage.


  1. i miss seeing your updates on instagram, so im so glad when you post updates. your girls are so adorable and clara is getting so big!

  2. Love this! Speaking of British TV shows: Have you tried The Vicar of Dibley? It's my absolute fav! XO*


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