Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Memorial Day Camping

Over the memorial day weekend we headed up to Shaver to camp for the first time since college...I'm trying to convert myself to the notion of sleeping out of doors. We're getting there. 

First, I have to say that the whole weekend my thoughts were turned to all of our current and past servicemen and women and their families. For all the sacrifices that have been and continue to be made to keep our great country safe, I am so grateful, and truly humbled. 

The trip turned out surprisingly well! Despite my forgetting to bring diapers and wipes (yes, that did happen), Watson woofing (too quiet to be a bark, loud enough to drive Steve stark raving mad) all night and me completely burning the majority of our tin foil dinners I'd say it was a net success! The girls were in heaven and actually slept surprisingly well. Winnie woke up at 6 am laughing hysterically then climbed in our bed for another hour and a half nap, her sister following suit soon after. I'm already craving another camp fire, dirt-filled weekend! 

I'm officially declaring this, 2016, the summer of camping. 

over and out


  1. We have gone camping 4 times within the last year, and Chloe screamed 10pm-6am for 3 of those nights. We've declared this, summer 2016 the year of NOT CAMPING! Can't wait till next summer ;) Clara is so cute in her Y gear!

    1. oh Stephanie!! That was my worst fear- I totally thought that's how it would be!! Hopefully we get lucky again....yikes!

  2. Oh my gosh I love it!! Seriously cute! Austins been begging me to go for ages, I'm sold:)

  3. Looks like it was a blast!


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