Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Motherhood Right Now


morning art projects with me and Clara (Winnie sleeping in until 10)

realizing every day that Winnie is turning into Steve's cute little clone

Clara making funny faces whenever the camera points to her

turning my back for five minutes and finding Winnie covered in marker or getting up to similar sorts of mischief

Clara in the backyard, (playing with Watson) wearing a superhero cape, socks and underwear

every single toy we own on the floor, everyday.

Clara learning to use my big camera (heavily supervised)

the girls playing well together for hours on end

lots of book reading (double the time for two girls, obviously)

pretending to be lions, always. preferably in costume

life couldn't be better.


  1. oh, the happiest, most wonderful things in this whole wide world!! life with kids is silly and messy and the best, yes?! your babies are just beautiful, always!


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