Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sitting Room

If our bedroom was the most neglected, this sitting room was a very close second! It seemed to be the catchall for the furniture we didn't quite know what to do with. We had two lucky purchases semi-recently of the antique dresser and the round table that really brought the room together! Some of my very favorite antique/thrift finds have found a home here, namely the candle sconces (Clovis flea market), the 1920's antique dresser (Caroline's thrift in Aptos), the purple velvet wingback (DI in Provo) that has been with us since our very early married days, the record player (a gift from a friend, thank you Kim!) and the free piano. It's become quite a happy spot in our home! I'm very pleased with how it's shaking out! Now, for some photos.

^^I took this photo a different day- hence the lack of sunflowers^^

 ^^I'm obsessed with these^^

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