Monday, July 11, 2016

Zoo Day with my Girls

Well, last week it dipped below 100 so I decided to venture out and take these cute muffins to the zoo! We love the Fresno zoo! We may be biased but I think it's pretty much the cutest zoo out there. Here follows all the photos I took of my two cute girls, I love them so.

How are these girls so dang cute and, more importantly, HOW does Clara look like she's 20 here???

Winnie was really into the seals.

looking for butterflies.

accidental photos of the giraffes, the upper right hand corner is displaying the "salad" (Clara's phrasing, it's really a leaf of romaine) that we were feeding them. Cute little guys though, aren't they?

Clara's very concerned face. Here, she is pointing out that the flamingos are standing on TWO feet instead of ONE! Very distressing news.


  1. May I ask where Clara's shorts are from?
    Looks like you guys had a fun time :)


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