Monday, September 26, 2016

Winnie Update

Here's a little portrait of Winnie at almost 21 months. (I actually took these photos about a month ago but am just getting around to posting... pregnancy, you know.)

She says around 20 words on a regular basis, with her (and my) favorite being an enthusiastic "DADDY!!!!" every time she hears the garage door open.

loves kicking back and lounging. It's hilarious, she'll just climb up on the couch and slouch in like a regular couch potato. I kind of got a photo of it below, it's amazing.

gets her groove on pretty much every time she hears any kind of music. My favorite move of hers is a kind of shoulder belly combo, I dare you not to laugh when you see it. She feels the rhythm.

Is such a little peanut, 50% for height and 10% for weight but she can put down the food! Oh my heavens, she regularly eats twice as much as Clara. Although, I am disappointed to say that although she started out eating everything she has gotten to be a little picky and will now throw things off her tray that she doesn't approve of. It drives. me. CRAZY. We're working on it.

is a snuggle bug and will cuddle with almost anyone, especially when she's tired or just waking up.

is always trying to snipe my diet coke. Clara accidentally got a sip of some of mine when she was around Winnie's age and hated it, which was awesome. I tried to give Winnie some spiked with vinegar out of a can to deter her in similar didn't work. I have to be extra careful not to leave any within her reach!

is starting to develop a sense of humor and does things on purpose to be funny. I love it. For instance, the other day she was dancing really crazy then turned her upper body half way around with her hands outstretched and froze for at least fifteen seconds, looking at me, then started cracking up. It's the best.

is getting so good at folding her arms and closing her eyes for prayers! It's the sweetest.

loves babies, real and make believe. She'll often swaddle babies and stuffed animals that she's playing with and rock them and give them "nice pats". She's obsessed with my friend Caroline's baby, Ford and is almost a little too enthusiastic in her affection for him! She just wants to hold them and give them all the love, I think she'll be excited for a new baby in the family.

plays really well with Clara and will often times chase her or join in her make believe. They'll play for hours together outside or in their room, it's so sweet! She calls her "Cla-cla".

is overall the sweetest, feistiest little peanut in our family, we love her so much!

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  1. The loafers! The crazy dancing! The couch lounging! I'm so obsessed with her. Bring her to me!


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