Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Clara Update

Oh my sweet almost 4 year old little girl! I'm currently re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series and realizing that my girl and Anne Shirley have quite a bit in common. I couldn't be more proud. She's got a lively imagination and talks about a mile a minute, truly. She can talk for up to two hours straight without stopping, I've timed it. Road trips are very entertaining. 
She has an imaginary friend named Pegasus, he's a horse and also a boy (she is very specific on this point), he lives in a castle with crocodiles and frogs and snakes and all her other favorite animals and she says he is "twinners" with Angus, Merida's horse in Brave. He can also fly and spends a lot of time in "Candyland" in the clouds. Candyland is also an imaginary dream place of hers. Candyland and "the Castle" have a lot of similarities except that "the castle" can be driven to whereas Candyland cannot, Daddy's going to drive her to the castle to get Pegasus one day. This is often mentioned.
She loves her Daddy and is getting really quite skilled in the art of punching and wrestling with him. Her favorite game is "lions" where they basically chase each other around the house, growling and wrestling intermittently. She also enjoys the occasional excursion to the moon with him. They blast off under cover of a blanket on the couch and go to the moon, which is our room, with the lights off. Stuffed animals are hidden and they find them with flashlights in the dark, she loves it. There are many variations to the game but this is basically the gist of it. She has also taken to requesting one of Daddy's stories every night after a book before bed. Daddy tells the best stories. 
  Her favorite treat and enduring love is still marshmallows. Offer her any number of tasty and exotic treats and her preference will always be marshmallows. She still talks about her birthday last year where I gave her a box of marshmallows. It was the highlight of her year, it would seem. She is an expert barterer and negotiator for treats and often makes too much sense for me to refuse her. I'm a sucker, I know. 
Her favorite dinner is spaghetti and meatballs, every time I make it she declares that it is the favorite part of her day. Often times she wakes up before me and quietly creeps to the kitchen to pillage the pantry without any pesky adult supervision. I don't mind if this produces yogurt for breakfast or something else of the sort....but if there are any treats within reach (she usually drags a chair in) she usually pillages, then takes them into her room and shares with Winnie through her crib slats. I've learned quickly not to put anything sweet below the very top shelf. This, however brings up another critical point in Clara's budding personality. Rarely is she stingy with her treats, especially not with her little sister. It's really hard for me to get upset with her when she sneaks treats when the first thing she does is take them in her room to share with Winnie. Sometimes I pretend not to notice just to foster the little mischievous camaraderie in the nursery. I can't help myself. Winnie doesn't know just how lucky she is.
Clara is stubborn and can sometimes dig in her heels to a remarkable degree in one so young. She gets an idea in her little mind that sometimes just can't be rooted out. Sometimes...a lot of the time this is exasperating, but I have to remind myself that if I can manage teach her good principles to guide her this will serve her well later on down the road. Just heaven help me make it through these formative years! 
Clara loves playing with dirt, digging for worms and various other allurements of the outdoors. She'd probably stay outside all day wandering around with only the company of the dog and cat and various collected snails if I let her. Another favored activity as of late is what I can only describe as "floss engineering". If she can find floss or really any other type string she can spend hours filling a room with different contraptions. She loves making bow and arrows (usually with string and a hanger), pulleys and other sorts of useful things for a four year old to have. These projects usually happen while I'm in the shower or otherwise occupied and take some time to deconstruct.  
Most nights I go to bed with a heart full to bursting with pride and awe over this magical little girl we get to call ours. She really is so wonderful and I truly treasure being her mom. I love you Clara Rose, there's nobody quite like you, you're a true original! I'm so glad you're mine.


  1. I'm so excited for her future!! Her imagination sounds magical!!

  2. Almost four years old?! What a doll she is.

  3. I love Anne Shirley. And Clara. And they are two of the reasons I was over the moon to have my Rory. She is the most magical toddler ever!

  4. What a fun girl Jess, she is darling!


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