Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Conference Weekend

This past weekend we had the privilege of watching our LDS General Conference Saturday and Sunday. It was amazing. It's always my favorite weekend of the year, I look forward to it like a holiday and regret the end of it like the let down after the Christmas season, you know. It's that special to me! I made a menu and even spent a little time in the kitchen which has NOT been the norm for me as of late (as any of you who have seen me pregnant will know and attest to). I attempted to bring some October into Fresno with pretty fall colored dahlias, even if all the trees will stay stubbornly green until November. I made pumpkin bread, there was parmesan soup simmering merrily on the stove (the magic of which cannot be caught properly in a blurry iphone photo, but was attempted anyway) and we listened to the word of God. It was perfect.

This conference I looked forward to maybe even a little more than usual, I think. Can we get real here for a minute? It's been a rough year, a rough few years in fact, but this year has been especially tough. We've been going through some personal family drama with my parents that has been very bitter and painful. Through this my solace and my comfort has been God, my Savior, my religion and my sweet husband. I can say that truly. I don't know what I would have done without the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been such a relief to know that God still speaks to us today through His prophet and apostles, their messages of peace and comfort have meant more to me than words can say. I've held on to them tighter than perhaps ever before through my trials and for that I am grateful. I just want to invite any of you who are struggling or just in search of truth to listen to their words. I can honestly say that every good and wholesome thing in my life has come as a factor of living this gospel. Have a great week!


  1. Beautiful words!! The food looks so yummy- you're an amazing woman.

    Ps. The photo of Steve and Winnie is further proof they are TWINS

  2. You have such a talent for writing your feelings. I love your testimony and feel the same gratitude for the gospel and for General Conference. It was a wonderful weekend full of peace and joy. And I'm so glad you were feeling up to cooking! That pumpkin bread looks divine. Also, Eleanor is still talking to me about the noodles you made her during Priesthood session! She loves you and I love you!

  3. I'm so sorry for your personal struggles right now. Family drama is the worst. I've always enjoyed perusing your blog, and feel such admiration for your adorable little family, and what a talented and lovely wife, mother, teacher, and maker you are. Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony in addition to everything else. I hope things get a little happier for you.

  4. Beautiful words! Blogs tend to make our imperfect lives look shiny and easy. It's always hard to be vulnerable, yet you did it so gracefully. Thanks goodness for the gospel. Family-ing is wonderful yet sometimes hard and messy. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way.


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