Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Half Way There

Well folks, we're officially half way there! 21 weeks to be exact. Feeling large and in charge. It appears to be true what they say, you get bigger every time! I think my body was like "hey, I know the drill." we had absolutely no problem just popping right out. I'm feeling tired but overall much better than I was the first 20 weeks. Nausea has been almost completely replaced with heartburn at night, textbook Jess pregnancy. I have been having trouble falling asleep this time around a lot of nights and sometimes I never fully get into a deep sleep which is a major bummer. This happened during Clara's pregnancy as well, but not with Winnie's. Hot baths and back rubs before bed have seemed to help, luckily I have a willing husband who does it without me even asking most nights. He's a gem. I've also experienced fairly regular headaches this pregnancy which is new. I'm hoping that as I start to keep more liquids down this next half of the pregnancy they'll get better. I've been feeling our little chicky kick around for a while now but the kicks are starting to get bigger and more noticeable from the outside. It's the best part of pregnancy, in my opinion. Steve felt her for the first time about a week ago and it was just as magical as it was the first two times. We love her so much already.  

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