Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween Costumes 2016

I present to you, Little Red Riding Hood, her Huntsman, Granny and the Big Bad WOLF.

I'm really proud of myself for actually doing a coordinated costume this year...I usually have ZERO motivation to dress up when I'm pregnant. Luckily I foresaw this and ordered everything on amazon before I started getting sick... I'm awesome. Clara really wanted to be something "scary" so we went from there. Anyway, my poor girls both came down with a bug THE DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I was devastated for Clara, this is literally her favorite holiday, closely followed by Easter. The candy holidays, you know. She could not be deterred from Trick or Treating and actually did much better than I thought she would. She lasted the whole way around the block with a smile, albeit a less enthusiastic one than years past. She's usually running from door to door. Winnie, also sick, embraced the holiday with open arms and was a hit at all residences. There was lots of waving and eating of candy between doors (see last photo). She loved it. She actually really loved her wig and glasses and kept them on all night- plus an hour into the candy binge following. It was hilarious. Here's to Halloween 2016- it was maybe less than ideal but still one for the books!

(Winnie's face here is everything.)


  1. You guys killed it!!! Amazing

  2. Major props for this one! You should earn all the mom points for your foresight. Also: I'm thinking granny Winnie memes should totally be a thing. Her little expressions say a thousand words in those last few pics :)


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