Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Pumpkin Carving/Painting 2016

So....we love pumpkin carving. We do it EVERY year, without fail. No matter how big and pregnant I am or how covered in boxes our house is or what have you. We never seem to make it to a pumpkin patch...but we always carve our pumpkins. Everyone has their thing. This year was no exception. We turned on a creepy Halloween playlist and went to town while the girls excitedly painted their miniature gourds. It was a little more rushed than usual but still fun, THEN wouldn't you know it...Steve and my pumpkins literally rotted THE NEXT DAY. Before I even got a decent photo of them, for the love! I was disproportionately upset at the universe for this, but I still got some cute photos of the girls so...it wasn't all bad. Happy Halloween! I think next year we'll head to the patch to get some fresher pumpkins...maybe. Curse you Save Mart!      

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