Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

For Thanksgiving this year we had the Marcums (or at least 4 of the Marcums...besides Mckenzie, who is already here) to stay. It was my first year hosting and it was so fun! Although, I have to say hosting the Marcums isn't like normal hosting, they all helped with the cooking (Kevin did the turkey) and I didn't clean one dish! The meal was so delicious, it's really a crime I didn't get more photos. For shame! Claire made roasted carrots in vinaigrette sauce and beets, Gena made her mom's homemade rolls, Kevin spatchcocked the turkey and made a heavenly gravy to go with it, Kenz made old fashioned yams, Audrey made pumpkin pie, I made my Grandma's stuffing recipe and....dun duh duh DUHHH Steve made the cranberry sauce. I have to say it was the best cranberry sauce I've ever had, and I don't think that's just the rose colored love glasses talking. I was very proud. Clara melted down right after the prayer (and in fact, right after this photo) and ended up falling asleep in my room for timeout...lol and Winnie was already asleep for her nap so it ended up being an accidental adults-only meal which has it's upsides. We all went around and shared the three things we were most grateful for this year and ate to our hearts content. Side note: I always cry but still insist on this tradition every year. 

This year I'm most grateful for...
my relationship with my Savior, life can really never get that bad when you have Him.
my family, but especially Steve. He's my rock and I go to bed every night so grateful to have found him.
Being a mom. It's my calling and I'm so grateful to raise my sweet girls.

I actually really love Thanksgiving but I'd be lying if I didn't mention that part of the magic of the holiday is that it leads right into Christmas!!! It was fun getting to celebrate a little with the Marcums since we'll be with the Veaters for Christmas this year. We made gingerbread cookies and decked the halls and listened to Christmas music 24/7. It was magic. We played games every night, and some afternoons, consumed many liters of diet coke, enjoyed roaring fires in the fireplace and had an overall amazing time. I really lucked out with these in-laws of mine! Thank you Marcums for coming to stay, we love you!!


  1. Looks idyllic! You are a perfect host for that💕

  2. You are the perfect host, Jess! It was a pleasure being in your warm, cozy home for the holidays. We sure love and adore your little family! (and your amazing cooking)

  3. ahhh those sleeping faces. i can't even deal!! and amen to all the things you're thankful for. i feel the same!!


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