Tuesday, December 20, 2016

7 years

7 YEARS. A lot of life and quite a few babies (fur and human) in between and I can confidently say that I'm more in love with you than ever, Mr. Marcum. You're my very favorite person on earth, I like you and I love you.

Here's some of my favorite memories from our wedding

Taking our bridals in Salt Lake and having the snow start gently falling on our last location, it was magical.

Seeing Steve cry for the first time during our ceremony.

Walking out of the Fresno temple (where we were married) and knowing that I had the absolute cheesiest non-photogenic grin on and not being able to help myself.

Steve picking me up and carrying me to the car after pictures declaring "Marcum women's feet never touch the ground!!!"

losing my phone on my wedding day. whoops! I was too preoccupied to notice and I didn't realize it until like 3 days later in Hawaii... 

Giggling to each other every time we introduced each other as "husband" or "wife" in our reception line.

designing my wedding dress myself at this teeny shop in Orem that no longer exists, I love it so much.

Getting Togo's right before the reception just because we were MARRIED and we could (we don't really even like Togo's?) and almost being late to the reception because of it! My mom was not thrilled.

watching my Grandparents jitterbug to our big brass band at the reception.

Kasee totally taking control and bossing Steve's groomsmen around to prevent them from completely thrashing our getaway car.

Getting Baked Lays to eat in our room on our honeymoon and making it a tradition.

Happiest of anniversaries Steven Grant Marcum! It was the perfect day but we've made some even more perfect days since. Life just keeps getting better with you by my side. Love you boo.

and for anyone interested click here for more photos from the day!

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