Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Around the House 2016

Plus some other life-lately photos thrown in there.

There is a grand total of THREE Christmas trees in the Marcum household this year. I named our big tree "Lady Mary" (they always get a name) and she is my favorite tree ever! Just the right amount of tinsel and color.  I never want to leave the living room! There is Christmas music playing constantly, and lots of wood fires and snuggling. We're reading our Christmas books over and over each day (thank you Winnie) and trying our best to keep up with Light The World which I've LOVED. We adults have got a list of Christmas movies to get through and we're plowing through surprisingly well! We've gone through a grand total of 5 cartons of peppermint ice cream (more to come, I'm tastes SO GOOD to me- and with minimal to no heartburn, which is a miracle) and frequent Starbucks regularly for peppermint steamers.We're definitely taking full advantage of all things Christmas, just how I like it.

It's been a bittersweet Christmas season for us this year for reasons I'm not sure I'm ready to get into now... but I feel like for all of that we've just been clinging that much tighter to Jesus and our little family. It  really is the reason for the season, I think I'm starting to see how trials can turn into blessings if you let them. 

Happy Christmas!


  1. Your house looks so beautiful and that picture of Clara asleep is sooo amazing

  2. Sooo lovely! Your tree with the little snowy town beneath it reminds me of the train scene in White Christmas. I hope that one's on your list! XO*

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