Monday, February 20, 2017


I had a really great birthday this year. I guess it was last year....but, you know. Anyway, Clara came in to wake me up with a big hug and an enthusiastic "Happy Birthday!!". She then proceeded to show me (with great pomp and circumstance) her two presents she made me (pictured below). One was a string, marshmallow, apron string concoction that stretched from the pantry to across the kitchen. The second was a repurposed toy inside her crayon box. I love being a mom. Steve had gone out and gotten croissants and roses for me in the morning before I woke up which has become a kind of tradition for us. I had a few diet coke deliveries from friends- thank you Lindee and Lucy, you know me so well!! We went out to lunch at La Boulangerie with my mom. Steve and I had to go to his Christmas work party that night so went to dinner and a movie (Loving) the next evening. The next week I celebrated a triple birthday month with girlfriends at my favorite Fresno restaurant followed by Cracked Pepper bread pudding and girls night at Caroline's house! I felt very loved and very very blessed. Also, speaking of Caroline she just did a birthday post that inspired me to write a little bit about what I'm up to at 28! It's not strictly accurate since I'm almost 3 months late in writing this but I think we'll count it anyway.

    at 28 I'm...

drinking a glass of orange juice every morning. In my college days/ pre-children/ pregnancy days I'd drink a diet coke almost every morning! That sounds super unhealthy now but I loved it and I think because of it I trained myself to hate water in the mornings before I ate anything...weird I know. When I started to be more responsible about my body I traded diet coke for honey lemon tea for years but this pregnancy it's been giving me terrible heartburn so I've been chugging the OJ and I loving it! I feel like I haven't gotten as sick this flu season because of it...knock on wood.  

really needing my nap/quiet time alone time. I notice such a big difference in my mood and/or patience level when I don't get it!

getting a lot better about giving myself a morning beauty routine. I think especially since being pregnant I've realized that I feel so much better and put together when I do it. I've decided that it's not the end of the world if the girls watch 30-45 minutes of TV so I can get in a worry free shower- it's a liberating feeling. I shower and do my make up and hair in my purple velvet bath robe, I moisturize and take my prenatals and it's kind of pathetic how much I love it.  All you moms know what I'm talking about!

reading a lot more than I thought would be possible as a young mom. I counted it up in December and I read just over 100 books in 2016! I've always got a few on my nightstand, I prefer a book over a show any day.

painting a lot of homemade birthday/greeting cards. I love sitting down and making a few during nap time, it's been a fun little hobby! It gets out my creative juices without being too overwhelming!

and now for the photos, I really didn't document as much as I should- but such is the life of a very pregnant mother of two!

I did not get a photo of myself on my birthday but here's some of me and my wonderful girlfriends on a triple birthday night out (mine, Lucy's and Lindee's all in December)! It counts!

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