Monday, February 20, 2017

a 2 year old update

at 2 years old Winnie....

loves yelling "moooooooooooom!" like a teenager when she needs to get my attention. This is especially hilarious when she simultaneously grabs my face and turns it towards her. Lol! The life of a second child!

is so so sweet. Still gives me tones of hugs, kisses and cuddles. She will still cuddle with me for as long as I have time to cuddle her after her naps and I treasure it! 

conversely, can be quite the little bully- especially to her sister! She gets super dramatic and screams any time Clara takes something she wants and can shove REALLY hard for such a small little person. She also makes up really well with lots of hugs and kisses for her which kind of makes up for it. She's also much more sensitive to discipline than Clara which has been a change for us.

loves reading books, with or without me. She would sit down and read all the books we have (which is a lot, consequently) after her nap every day, it's kind of our routine. It usually ends up only being a 3-5 but she's always game for as many as I'm willing to read! I also find her sitting in their little toddler rocking chair reading books to herself in her room at least once every day. It makes my little momma heart sing.

has the tightest little curls! I think her hair may be even curlier than Clara's, especially on the top.

looks like a little clone of her daddy. I still hold that she looks more like me than Clara does, despite the coloring differences, but then Steve holds her next to him and I have to admit it looks like we just cloned him lock stock and barrel. I love it!

loves watching shows and yells "Mom!!! MEMO (Nemo)!" several times a day and/or any time she comes across the channel changer! Her favorite show was Winnie the Pooh (appropriate) but has since switched to Finding Nemo in dramatic fashion. It's all she ever wants to watch! 

loves her sister despite the aforementioned bullying and calls or asks for her every time she's gone or she can't find her. Most mornings she wakes up calling "Clacla!!" instead of "momma". Their little relationship is so sweet to watch, they'll often times play together in their room without any drama for hours at a time. Siblings are such a blessing.

LOVES chapstick and brushing people's hair. These are both borderline obsessions.

is a really good eater, I'm really crossing my fingers that we don't have any bad phases in our future but she almost always at least tries everything on her plate without any fuss!

her favorite word (and probably food too, if we're being honest) is "coooookie!" I love how she says it and the little maniacal grin that accompanies it.

We love you Winnie Mae! She really is a treasure in our family. I didn't expect to feel like this since she's never been my "only" but I've been really treasuring these last weeks with her as my baby, I know that as soon as we bring her new sister home she's going to look so grown up and it's really bittersweet for me to think about! So we're just over here enjoying all our mommy-Winnie time, cuddling and reading all the books she brings to me. It's really hard to say no to those curls and that cute dimple! We love this little two year old!

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