Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Pregnancy Update

Well, I've kind of been the worst at documenting this pregnancy! It seems the natural way of things when one is pregnant with their third child but somehow you never think that'll actually happen to you, and yet, here we are. In an effort to give Marcum baby girl #3 at least a little documentation in utero I present to you these photos of me and my frizzy hair at 32 weeks and 36 weeks respectively. 

As I write this I'm 36 weeks+a couple days. I'm dilated to a 2 as of my dr appt yesterday and have a "very soft cervix". Although I've learned with my previous two pregnancies not to expect anything too serious to be going on for the next couple weeks at least the news that baby's head is down and ready to go really put the fire under me! It's happening! SO here's a little pregnancy recap to remember for next time:

It's hard to remember accurately enough to compare but I think this pregnancy may be the hardest of my three so far. It has had the same sort of very sick every day for 25 ish weeks, then heartburn and only occasional nausea/throwing up for the rest, but I don't know if it's just because I'm "older" or because it's my third pregnancy in 5 years or what but it seems to have worn on me more than the first two!

The complaints:

My heartburn has been really bad this time around. I get it every night without fail no matter what I eat...but if I get anywhere near chocolate, peppers or garlic forget about it. I won't be able to sleep at all no matter how many TUMS I take! Also, my prenatals and WATER have given me heartburn this pregnancy. What the water? I did not even know that was possible.

Speaking of water, I threw it up A LOT this pregnancy. A big reason why I think my sickness was worse this time around was the number of times I threw up a day (sometimes 10x- I remember 6x being the most with Clara and I was on medication this time), throwing up water as soon as I drank it and throwing up blood because my throat was so raw. Sorry about the graphic facts, I just want to remember for next time!

During my first and second trimesters I had the hardest time falling asleep. I'd be exhausted and sick and my brain just wouldn't turn off- even after up to 3-4 hours of laying in bed. I would also get vertigo during some of these times which would make me throw up (obviously) and then make it even harder to wind down for sleep.

Not getting the second trimester energy boost I was really looking forward to! Again- this could be related to having two kids to run after and also some extended family heartbreaks/drama. It's hard to tell.

The blessings:

I cannot talk about the blessings of this pregnancy without first mentioning my sister in law McKenzie coming and living with us October-December. It was a blessing unlooked for but a HUGE answer to prayer. I don't know how I would've gotten through it without her! 

and how could I not mention my husband who gets up every time one of the girls cries in the night, rubs my back until I fall asleep whether I'm sick or sore or just because I'm carrying our posterity in my body, never makes me feel guilty no matter how many nights a week we get take out, listens to any irrational and/or emotional pregnant thoughts I need to express without judgement and in general takes the baton on so many things for our family I can't even count them all? Honey you really are a prince among men, thank you for all you've done this pregnancy! 

despite a serious lack of motivation and energy throughout most of the pregnancy the nesting bug has FINALLY kicked in and I've been crazy productive. Such a blessing! I was getting seriously worried that I wouldn't get the energy boost for all the things I needed to get done here at the end- it sounds like a weird thing to worry about but I totally did!

Getting someone to deep clean the house twice a month this time around has been HUGE. I kind of had a pride complex about doing this before but holy cow I'm never going back! I know it's not for every budget but being able to focus on just keeping the house tidy and organized and not having to bend over and scrub grout or toilets while I've been either sick or too large to bend over has been amazing. A clean house does wonders for my stress levels!

Winnie has really been a much easier toddler to deal with at this stage than Clara was and I'm super grateful! I had a hard time manhandling that girl through her tantrums during Winnie's pregnancy and I KNOW I wouldn't have been able to deal with Winnie like I did Clara. Don't get me wrong, Winnie still has her two year old tantrum moments...we just haven't had to deal with the "dying swan" which makes all the difference when you have a watermelon sticking out of your abdomen. I can still do "stern talking to" just not I'm going to injure myself if you don't restrain me. lol

Feeling this baby girl move around! It's magical every time and never gets old. I love sitting in bed or in the bath and watching her roll around in my belly, it's such a bonding experience. I love talking to her and trying to picture what she'll be like. It's also so fun having Clara be old enough to REALLY get that there's a baby in there. She asks to hug and kiss and feel baby sister move every day.  I'll never forget the first time Clara felt her move in my belly, her eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning! So sweet.

I've been sleeping well through the night here at the end (fingers crossed) which has been amazing. I feel like you really need it at this stage and often times you CAN'T so I feel extremely lucky.

Discovering epsom salt baths! I don't know how I didn't try these before but they have made such a big difference lately with back aches and muscle pain. My hips seize up a lot at the end while everything is loosening up for labor (I blame my stunting/cheerleading days for this) and salt baths have really been a game changer! I try to do one at least every other day!

Although it's hard to know what a two year old really knows about a new sibling coming,  hearing Winnie say "bebe sisssser" and point to my belly has been really sweet. One night a few months ago she was sitting on my lap, saying our family prayer and when she said thank you for "bebe sisssser" she turned and patted my belly with her little dimpled hand and it just about melted me. It was the first time she'd acknowledged the correlation on her own without prompting and it was just so precious I couldn't help but get misty eyed. 

Overall, even with the hardships, we're so excited to welcome this new baby girl into our family! I absolutely can't wait to meet her. I keep imagining the feel of her downy soft skin and smelling her head over and over while she lays on my chest. For all that pregnancy is so hard I love the delivery, hospital and newborn phase. I can't wait to meet this special little soul that God has blessed us with! We're just praying for a healthy, safe delivery and the strength to teach these three girls to love God and each other. I'm so grateful to be a parent! 


  1. I'm so excited for her arrival x x you are super woman!

  2. Gooooood update! Keep growing that little one and power to you mama!


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