Monday, February 20, 2017

The Rest of our Utah Christmas

Well Christmas was great but would've been even better had we not all contracted the flu from hell. Seriously, it was awful. The most violent flu I've ever had. I will spare you the rest of the details but I had lost 5 pounds by my next dr appt. even after having almost a month to recover, so that tells you about what it was like! The Utah crew came down with it a few days before us and even though (or maybe because?) I immediately started Cloroxing every door handle and surface in Tay's house Clara and I woke up with it at 2am Christmas eve morning and Steve came down with it shortly afterward. The two huge blessings here were that Tay and Brooke had already had it so they could help mother and take care of Clara as I was too weak to get out of bed :( and also SOMEHOW Winnie and Rory did not get it which was just a gift straight from God. I was so grateful. 

We did still manage to check off my Utah Christmas bucket list and enjoy ourselves immensely the rest of the trip. Lot of trips to Sodalicious, good food and family time. Thanks Tay for hosting everybody! 

^^Another one of my requests...Ballet West for the Nutcracker^^

^^Christmas morning!!!^^

^^Clara getting a bike from Santa felt like a huge parenting milestone for us!!^^

^^When Utah decided to grant Clara her true Christmas wish... SNOW! There was literally nothing until Christmas morning, it was a Christmas miracle! Magic!^^

^^a night out at Bombay House with Kasee and Erin!!! Oh how I miss them. We talked forever about the deep things in life like we see each other every day. Love them so much!^^

^^glitter mani pedis for the girls!^^

^^lights on temple square^^

^^passed out in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. This smile says: tired, cold and feeling too pregnant to have two girls on my lap!^^

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