Thursday, March 30, 2017

best of the iphone photos, Ruth edition

Be ye warned, this post is long, heavy on photos and likely to induce baby hunger/fever in those susceptible to such maladies.

2 days before she was born. The last church outfit.

on our way out the door for the INDUCTION.

daddy daughter love

right after the birth. My face says pure happiness/relief. 

hospital snuggles

meeting her Grandma Great

there is nothing like a newborn sleeping on your chest


why Ruth, hello!

ohhhhh her cheeks

milk coma

a very reverent baby 

big sister wanting in on the picture action too

little burrito

those lips!

snuggling my really big baby after her nap! 

Clara asks to hold Ruth at least 5 times a day, she's such a sweet big sister.

some of her best Ruth quotes so far:

"Mom, she's even cuter than I thought she'd be!"

"Mom, her CHEEKS are cuter than I thought they'd be!"

she was obviously spending a significant amount of time trying to picture her new baby sister.

little smiles


the girls enjoying their newfound fashion freedom

fluffy and perfect

just, you know, running around topless wither her backpack on

daddy = human jungle gym. Every night.

just hanging out

coming in to chat with me while I nurse. I love her so much.

the maiden run for the SollyBaby. Or rather RUTH's maiden run. All my babies have lived in this thing for the first 6 months at least! I love having them so close while retaining the use of my arms :)

she loves it!

I love these sweet sisters!

Our first outing to lunch, Clara sniped my phone and took this but I love it so much. Sweet Winnie.

she also took about 100 selfies

That one time we couldn't find Clara for about 10 minutes and Brooke and my Mom and I were all running frantically around the house and backyard screaming her name when I walked into my closet and found her asleep under my clothes.... as soon as I stopped hyperventilating it was really quite funny.

then she came out and promptly fell back asleep in Brooke's arms

my 3 girls. Be still my heart.

watching Women's Conference with my little snuggle bug.

so comfy

she's already an expert in cute sleeping poses

just taking a peek

when I look over and realize I have an audience while nursing. Much like our cat, Winnie likes to fit herself into confined spaces...baskets are a favorite lately.

sometimes you just need a fire and some Pride and Prejudice in your life.

my first day flying solo with all three. So tired.

Clara playing with her bff Watson, sans pants, obviously.

hey girl

I am so completely obsessed with her.


  1. The pictures of her on your chest in the hospital are so sweet. She was a little chub already x

  2. Omg I can't handle all the cuteness! Your girls are just gorgeous!


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