Saturday, March 11, 2017

Life Lately via my iphone

these girls love their daddy!

Clara, refusing to smile for me and looking very grown up in the bargain.

I think that this was around 36 weeks. I've since given up wearing jeans. 

Winnie found the dark chocolate!

post-breakfast belly cuddles 

bahahahahahaha. she loves me.

Sunday best with my two favorite chickies 

I can't wait to be occupying this corner with a BABY in my arms.

seriously, when did she turn into such a big girl??? I'm freaking out over here.

photocredit: Clara. So flattering, I know.

proud of her work on Daddy's hair

the girls room by morning light. Such a happy little space.

just, you know, playing with the cat, in the tub, in the morning.

two girls at Costco. I asked them to smile and this is what I got.

As I took down the Valentines decorations I decided it was probably time to take down the Christmas cards as well. They make me so happy! Thank you to everybody who sends them! I will say that this was the first year I could bring myself to throw them all away instead of tucking them into some forgotten drawer never to be seen again. It was a proud moment for me. I'm slowly but surely weeding out my hoarding tendencies.

obligatory selfie of the hair cuts

our pretty blooming backyard.

Clara with all of the things required for a trip to the zoo, apparently. I asked her to smile on the way out the door and I got this fantastic pose instead. Not complaining. 

^^^zoo pics^^^
Fresno may have faults, but our cute little zoo is not one of them.

I used to shun the tulip but have grown quite fond of them in the past couple years. I can really get behind a bloom who ages well!

^^see, two days later, even better!^^

bagel date with these goofballs. 

I finally found a frame suitable for my foxy lady. My brother got this print for me and I know it's weird, but I love it.

pretty certainly our last date before baby! We saw a terrible movie and really regretted our dinner choice but the company was fantastic. There was a point were we both laughed until we cried in the car talking about who knows what, I love this man so much.

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