Sunday, March 12, 2017

Things to be Remembered About Right Now.

How Clara loves to take instax photos on my camera and will arrange little "still life's" or ask you to make very specific faces/poses for her photos ie: "Mommy, make a really serious face, like someone just made a mean choice."

How Winnie grabs my face with both hands to kiss me, or how she put her cheek next to mine for a solid 10 minutes and played with my hair after her nap a few days ago.

Reading a big pile of books to both the girls on Clara's bed during for their bedtime routine. How absorbed Clara is in the stories and how Winnie will keep pointing at different animals on the pages saying "MOM!!!"

How good Clara is at cracking eggs when we bake. I didn't teach her, she's just naturally good at it and I am always amazed-she hardly ever lets a shell in!

How both girls love sushi. They'll eat all the raw fish off the top of a rainbow roll if you let them!

How a couple nights ago after dinner Steve and I let the girls run around at the fountain outside the restaurant. You would've thought from the look on their faces that we'd taken them to Disneyland. Even though it was freezing and it was bedtime and from a practical standpoint.... we should've just gone straight to the car, I'm so glad we didn't. Sometimes it's important to let yourself remember that it's the little things in life that bring the most joy to a child's soul.

Clara insisting on carrying the groceries in from the car for me this week- it was so sweet and actually very helpful! She must be watching her daddy ;)

The faces Winnie makes at the dinner table. That girl is hilarious!

Taking the girls to the zoo on Tuesday and watching them run around ecstatic to see all the animals.

The way Winnie runs. It still looks completely out of control, like she should fall at least 90% of the time. Her feet go faster than her body and it is absolutely hilarious to watch. I don't know how we haven't had more scrapes and bruises with her (knock on wood).

All the spontaneous hugs and kissed Clara gives me and my baby belly throughout the day. She's just the sweetest 4 year old alive and she's really excited for her new baby sister!

How fun it is to get the girls dressed and do their hair. I honestly look forward to it every day! They're like my little dolls. I'm grateful I still rule their closets, even if Clara does take off her pants and add a few bows by 3pm every day.

Looking back while in line at lunch the other day and seeing Clara give Winnie a big hug and literally picking her up off the ground (to Winnie's delight).

Clara's obsession with catching and/or possessing a bird. It's a brainstorming discussion at least once a day and it's hilarious to hear the solutions she comes up with. The best was when I told her that birds were too fast to catch point blank, end of discussion-like, then she thought for a minute and responded with "I have a good idea! Let's climb up in a tree, steal an egg from a nest and put it in the cage, then it will hatch in there and we'll have a bird!" Once her mind is set on something, there's really no convincing her of the impossibilities.

How much the girls love their Daddy. Seeing their faces light up when they hear the garage door open is one of the highlights of my day!

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  1. I smiled reading every little thing! I love your babies!!!! (And that jumper looks so cute on CLARA- yay!)


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