Friday, April 14, 2017

1 month young

I can't believe this sweet girl is one month old TODAY! Oh this month has just flown by. It's all just kind of a happy, squishy, cuddly blur.

at one month Ruth...

grunts a lot, she's not a cryer...she's a grunter

does two, 3 hour stretches and one 4.5-5 hour stretch of sleep at night- pretty good for a one month old!

is very "consolable" and pretty much stops crying the second you pick her up, sweet girl

gets bad diaper rashes like her oldest sister :(
is a great nurser and is packing on the chub. I can't wait to see how much she weighs at her appt on Tuesday!

has started to focus in and track with her eyes. I always love when babies start doing that!

has also started smiling when you smile at her! Melt my heart. She also smiles and chuckles in her sleep quite frequently which, I've decided, is her sort of compensation for keeping me up at night. Every time she does it I feel like my heart will burst!

is really good at holding her head up when she's resting on my chest but prefers not to do it on her blanket for tummy time ;)

loves her baths and has now fallen asleep for two of them! 

is a snuggler and loves nothing more than snuggling in to sleep on my chest

has a huge fan club including two sisters who absolutely adore her. 

We already can't imagine our family without sweet little Ruth. What a blessing she is!

and to compare sister resemblances for those interested... 


  1. So precious! I think she looks a lot like Clara based on the pics. Also, those floral jammies are so cute!


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