Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Random Nothings

Some random gems on my camera that hadn't been shared!

sweet little four year old

Kissing baby sister before her first bath!

Looking over and finding that Winnie had made herself a seat in my newborn photo prop....and found a snack while she was at it! lol! I love that little stinker.

birth announcement outtake :) a little cross eyed but so fluffy and cute!

on a walk to the duck pond

Ruth peeking out from the Solly!

Steve with his birthday pie!

Clara wanting to pose with Ruth for her one month photos! And yes...I think Ruth was definitely the only one who got dressed that day.

just chillin', watching Planet Earth for quiet time.

and sister who joined after her nap! with a cookie! Don't worry Kevin and Gena, I'll wash the guest room sheets before you get here ;)

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